Availability in future and auto-off of NAS-box and more

Hi there,

I would like to afford one of your routers, but there are some open questions.

  1. I am kind of a “buy it when tested”-guy. So till now I resisted buying one in order to buy one when it is allready released and buyers confirm that its good and has no infantile errors. So will I be able to buy one as a non-backer?
    How about the NAS-box? (you say it wount be continued…)

  2. Since you do not offer LTE-attachment anymore: Is one still able to ubgrade with one that one buys on his own? Will you give advice which one to buy?

  3. Do the harddrives in the NAS-box turn off/standby when not needed (no reading/writing within the last 10minutes or so)? (I have a 1room appartment and dont want it to make noise all the time)

  4. Is the router able to handle a raid1 system with 2*6TB harddrives and luks-encryption?

Thanks very much!

Great projekt btw. Keep rocking :smiley:

Serie 09

The router will be available for a longer time. The NAS box will be removed in the not so far future.

You will need a LTE module, pigtails and antennas. They planned to add it to their shop after general availability. I don’t know if this is still the case. Getting these from third parties is not hard. There are quite some stores offering modules and the needed extras.

Depending on your harddisk you may set this in the drive firmware. OpenWRT also has hd-idle, hdparm and sdparm. They are able to spindown most disks after a set time or on request. See Partitioning, Formatting and Mounting Storage Devices [Old OpenWrt Wiki] for details.

This depends on your understanding of handle. It will not saturate your gigabit network. The speed of the encryption is the main problem with this. This is a real problem for writes if both disks are independent encrypted (md-raid1 over dm-crypt). dm-crypt over md-raid on the other hand may expose some information (difference of data) in some cases. It is up to you to decide how secure an encrypted raid is. I’m no crypto expert. A filesystem based raid (btrfs data=mirror metadata=mirror) on 2 independent encrypted disks may be a better option.

Additionally this depends on a working crypto accelerator. There are no official benchmarks on how fast it really is. It may approach 1 gigabit but if it does not work then you will be limited to about 100 Mbit thus 10 MByte per second.

The security aspect is also questionable. If someone wants your data they could simple get it from the network. Encrypting the internal network is possible but will require even more crypto power thus make it slower.

Thank you very much!
guess I will order the NAS-box than.

About encryption: right now I use a beagleboard with 2*1.2 GHz and 1Gb Ram. with a extrernal harware raid 1 box (has its own power supply), encrypted with dm-crypt. I also once tried to attach it to my linksys wr1073nd router running openwrt. I dont know whats the bottle neck, but once the Harddrive is attached and mounted, the beagleboard is very unresponsive. Sometimes I am not even able to login with ssh (even when there is no filetransfer going on (crazy²?)).
With the linksys router it is even worse. No Idea whats going on there since I am just a user and not a nerd g. For network intern encryption I mount the drive with sshfs on my other devices btw.
Well maybe there is a problem with the raidbox. No Idea. But thought I could just ask :slight_smile:

So once again thank you for your great answer. U helped me very much!