Avahi fails to start

I’m trying to get Avahi to start but it fails hard, this is what it says:

root@turris:~# avahi-daemon
Found user ‘nobody’ (UID 65534) and group ‘nogroup’ (GID 65534).
Successfully dropped root privileges.
avahi-daemon 0.6.31 starting up.
WARNING: No NSS support for mDNS detected, consider installing nss-mdns!

I can’t find a nss-mdns (or similar package), so I wonder what is wrong my installation, or is there some magic trick to get it all working?

Is dbus running ? (/etc/init.d/dbus start )
You could also add debug parameter to avahi-daemon, maybe you’ll see something useful (avahi-daemon --debug )

Thanks for the tips, dbus won’t start at all due to this:

root@turris:~# /etc/init.d/dbus start
Unknown group “netdev” in message bus configuration file

Have no idea what has happened, but I added a new group with groupadd so now everything (including avahi) starts ok, now maybe airplay will work on my network =)

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