Automatic update on 2017-06-26 broke my connectivity (DNS resolution)

Today’s update reset the dnsmasq.port UCI config to 0, which disables dnsmasq’s built-in resolver.

Coming home from work only to realize that you need to get up from the couch and debug why your Netflix application claims your internet connection is down is not a great start into the evening.

This is not the first time this precise issue happens, which makes it so much more frustrating.

I really want to keep using the auto-update functionality, as this is one of the primary reasons I bought this device! But if you keep breaking my configs, I might have to turn it off :(.

Thank you for considering to fix this bug,


Same issue here (once again). After the update the DNS configuration is resetted and connectivity to the internet is completely screwed up. I know now where I have to look at first… But Turris-Team, the WAF* is really bad - work on it!

Please fix update scripts!


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My dnsmasq config is broken for the second time too.
Why is noone of the Turris-Team answering???

they are probably working on coding the update that will follow this week which is i believe 3.7.1
i too have emailed them a couple times , last week even and still no follow up. :confused:

The best way how to get official reply from Turris team is better to use email:

This forum is primary for communication between users. Sometimes Turris team replies here, but it is really rare. I think theyre just busy with update 3.7, which was released few days back and some.people from.Turris team started responding here, bcs they got.too much emails, which I mention in next paragraph

In Czech section: We said it many times and again yesterday (one user) said that they prefer rather 100 emails than putting one post here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I sent them an email about it. If you were affected, consider doing the same.

No, we don’t. We are responding on the forum because we don’t want to use canned responses on the e-mail support a lot. :slight_smile: But yes, we reply to every email we receive! That is true.
Please, do not be silly and stop repeating in many topics that we are not responding. We all in Turris team are taking care. Since the update, we are living on the forum but it is not possible to catch every single message. (And as we are humans, we need to sleep a little :sleeping:, too. )

See @cynerd, @miska or @shenek! They have been helping a lot of users since the update and disparaging their work again and again by telling other users that we are not responding won’t cheer them up. Take a rest and smile :wink: We can do better software together. And fixes are on the way!

Thank you for your help, we know you have done a lot of work for Turris community already. Stay on that positive wave :surfer:


If it wasn’t true I wouldn’t tell it and sometimes it necessary to send you email, because you will need some logs from diagnostics and also it was (and maybe still is) better to contact you via email. It was (we’re talking in present time, right?) and is very hard to get reply from you here on forum and If I remember correctly you said here maybe month or two ago that it’s is prefered to contact you by email.
And from my experience it was really better to contact you via email. (It was faster, etc)

About motivation… I can understand, but…
I was hoping if somebody from your team will see my respond he will tell you. OK… Tomorrow I will get up and will say in my work : “Guys listen… why we’re not responding on forum? Let’s change it!” :stuck_out_tongue:
(little bit naive, but it could work) or he could reply to some posts here (it didn’t take so much time)

Since update it can be late, but things are improving by time. Let’s see how things goes.
(Maybe they started responding when they see that they receive so many emails since update :stuck_out_tongue:)…

I’m trying to help as I can, but you know some official reply from you won’t bother anyone here and it will be really appreciated and I even think that many users will appreciate that and see your effort. :wink:

I’m really surprised that you responded, anyway thanks for it.


I came to work yesterday and told my colleges: “I don’t want to respond on forum any more!”. You know I am developer. I am writing code not responses. I am working on part time but in the past three days I have been in work for about 38 hours. And when I came home I was sitting in front of a computer to respond to most of the requests. Hearing from you that we are not responding is like pouring salt in to the wound.


And thank you for that. Please for more answers from you.

You got me. I know that you’re developer, but I didn’t want to be rude to you. It wasn’t aimed only to devs, but for others in your team, which are not devs.
They should handle it better and start responding it. Anyway sometimes it’s better, when developer responds to some threads. Even somebody could think that it is feedback to you (= your’s work)

Satisfaction should be on both sides. Why you don’t change something in your team? :wink:
If it is small team (or maybe you have o much work) then you (mean team) should hire new people.
I know you’re offering jobs, but respond from sairon was that not much people wasn’t good for this position. Why you couldnt teach them? Wouldnt it be better in the future?

Thank you for understanding.

Everyone in the team is working as much and as hard as it’s possible. Not only developers. Everyone.
The thing is just that support part of the team is small, but awesome and hardworking. And growing slowly. They are not able to answer on two channels in one moment.

  • Feedback to releases belongs to the forum. We create topics here and we are answering inside. Sometimes it takes the time, that is true on your side. You will get answer in topics about the releases we created. :raised_hand:
  • Other call for helps are better to be aimed to the support e-mail. That is true.
    But please, do not say “…they prefer to receive 100 e-mails instead of posting here…” or “…they are not answering here…”.

Those formulations really overload our support :sweat:

If you want to be sure you’ll receive the answer, contact” is definitely right, on the other hand. :slight_smile:

Let’s work :muscle:


Please check if the given IP address has been included in our blacklist. This can be verified on our page. According to the information, this page is unavailable because the IP address of the server has attacked our routers.

I’m not sure what your blacklist has to do with a software update overwriting a configuration update. Have you sent this reply by mistake?

Anyway, I checked, and I’m not on the blacklist.

His answer belongs to another issue, where one guy has issue with accessing website

And yet there’s still no answer to the original question.