Automatic switch on/off

Will there be a chance to set automatic switching on/off of power and wi-fi as well?
And setting specific time plan when the router will be on and when it will be off and with option to choose not only from daily values but to choose specific time plan in a weekly setting monday-sunday?

Turning it on might be a bit tricky. Everything else (and more) can be easily implemented using Cron.

Does it mean that it can be completely switched off by “poweroff” command?

This is what usually works, yes, and I’m quite confident it will be available on the Turris as well. To be precise, “completely off” is a matter of definition but you will need to press a hardware button and boot the operating system to use it again, so it will be “quite off”. :wink:

They can implement Wake On LAN, so it can be turned on from the LAN.
But if you use Cron to switch all the service off, you can use Cron to wake everything back on a schedule.