Autodetection of router address for openvpn client config stopped working

in my openvpn configuration in foris, I have for “Router address” the “Use autodetection” option set. Sometime in the last couple of point releases (TurrisOS 3.11.6 or 3.11.7) this no longer works, and the OpenVPN client files now have the line

remote <server_adddress> 1194

instead of having <server_adddress> filled in by the proper IP address. Note that address is actually misspelled this way in the configuration file, with three Ds. Not sure if this is related to this bug. Has anyone else seen this?

I was able to reproduce the same behaviour and it looks like a bug in IP address detection. Thanks for reporting.

You can track issue progress here: foris-controller-openvpn-module/issues/10

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Thanks for your bug report! @mmtj was able to found what is wrong in the code. In the mentioned issue, you can find a pull request, which was merged today.

The fix will be included in Turris OS 4.0.2/Turris OS 3.11.9.