Astrometa(rev2018) DVB-C drivers wanted :-)

Hi everyone,
I am looking for drivers for my 2018 revision of DVB-C tuner Astrometa.

After dismantling of the USB stick and checking of chips on the PCB, I found out this:
USB Bridge: Realtek RTL2832P
Dmod: Sony CXD2837ER
Tuner: Rafael Micro R828D

Thank you

Have you checked to see if the tuner is supported under linux-media?

That’s the group that develops the dvb drivers. If it’s there, then it could possibly be here at some point in the future.

I would recommend doing a search on their mailing list with the USB VID/PID. The DMOD and the Tuner appear to be supported on quick glance, but it’s hard to tell if someone defined that particular device without more information.

The cxd2841er module is missing. Also the latest dvb_usb_rtl28xxu module from kernel 5.0 is needed.