Assigning both IPv4 and IPv6 via DHCP client


I have my Turris Omnia running in client mode and it’s receiving an IPv4 address from the primary router’s DHCP server. My other clients on the network each receive both an IPv4 and IPv6 address, but the Turris is only receiving the IPv4 one. What configuration changes do I need to make so it receives both addresses?

This TO as lan dhcp client with ipv4 & ipv6? seems similar perhaps?

Agree, seems related. Were you able to resolve?

As from that thread it is clear that DHCP requires 2 interfaces, either on the WAN or LAN, whilst static works with just one iface.

As for the WAN (client) see

On the LAN (client) I stopped bothering with DHCP due the 2 ifaces. For the network manager netifd the naming of wan and wan6 ifaces has a particular meaning/definition but there is no lan6 equivalent.

Why OpenWRT has complicated matters to this extent is not really visible and one could only hope that it will change/improve with their upcoming 19.x branch which then will trickle down into TOS4.x at some point in time.