Are there other self updating routers out there?

I think Turris has done the world a great favor by showing that you can have customer premises equipment that gets automatic software updates. They did this without doing anything really novel. It is all open software and hardware. I would think “big name” equipment vendors would copy this idea and soon anybody who doesn’t provide automatic updates would be out of business.

Does anybody know of any other opensource routers with updates?


It’s rare to find self updating routers.

I believe the Fritzbox routers may have that functionality, but I am not certain. They are also - not - available in the USA.

FYI: I believe that Google OnHub is self-updating.

MikroTik can update automatically, according to their docs.

Correct, the Fritzbox you can configure to auto update or to send you a notification or both. You can also set it to create a settings backup and email it to you before auto updating. I initially thought of them as the usual dumbed down consumer devices, but have to say, they are quite capable and have lots of features, and offer lots of options in expert mode. Very stable as well. I manage the router for my parents (router, ISDN, VoIP, Wifi). You cannot run a VPN server or client on them though, for example.

They have a VPN server (IPsec based) integrated. There is no GUI for setting up main mode connections but they work. For personal connections is still consider aggressive mode with a long PSK as secure enough. An adversary may still directly attack your devices, wifi or even your browser.