My friend gets this message daily from the router’s notification:

Error notifications

Updater failed:

inconsistent: Requested package apache-mod-http2 that is not available.

What’s the recommendation for fixing it?

I’m ready to help you with that, but before I am able to look at the missing package. Would it be possible to share a few details like which router your friend has and which Turris OS version/or the branch he is using?


My device is a Turris Omnia the OS version is 5.39.
The reForis version is 1.1.2.
The Turris OS branch is HBS.
The Kernel version is 4.14.277.

Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks for getting back to me. I see that Apache was not compiled for this version, but it is present in the upcoming version, which will be released to the stable branch very soon. No need to do anything from your side now.

Great, thanks for your assistance.

Can he remove the package without breaking reforis/luci?

This package doesn’t seem to exist in my version of the software (in Luci).

Device Turris Omnia
reForis version 1.1.2
Turris OS version 5.3.10
Turris OS branch HBS

Kernel version 4.14.280

Yeah, we are using Lighttpd for serving web files, thus, it is possible, but the question is why Apache2 was installed and why it was necessary, so you wouldn’t break your own custom configuration.

Packages could be removed by using opkg (in CLI) or by using OpenWrt’s LuCI interface. If it does not work, then I am sure that editing configuration files directly will work.

I did not offer that solution in the first place as new version of Turris OS is coming ahead. :slight_smile:

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