Anyone else have UK VAT charged for non-UK order?

Hi all, has anyone ordered from outside the UK and had UK VAT mistakenly added to their order?

I’m in the Channel Islands (British but definitely not part of the UK or EU) which are UK VAT exempt, and I see an extra $45.99USD in UK VAT added to my order. This is probably the result of a defect in Indiegogo’s website ordering system and I wish I’d spotted it earlier.

Anyone else affected? Any orders from Channel Islands or Isle of Man with UK VAT charged are basically sending free money to the UK - I’m sure they won’t complain but it’s a waste. If someone from the project can comment or provide advice I’d appreciate it.

And for the avoidance of any doubt, here is the official documentation from the UK’s HMRC which regulates VAT in that country.

  1. Meaning of “the United Kingdom”

  2. Which countries are part of the UK for VAT purposes? (scroll down to section 2.7)

I know this is an edge case but I hate giving free money to politicians…