Any mount kit available?

I just received a router, and I haven’t received any kind of mounting kits. Preferable the rackmount kit. There are no mouting holes on the chassis as well. I was in impression this is sorted out. However, I would like to order one, where can I get it ?

There was a separate mounting kit perk for Omnia available a limited time. Not sure if they plan to bring it back a later time.

I realized the same just when the router arrived :sweat:

So I hope they will release some details on how you could make one mountig kit yourself or make it again available … but I think they have more importan things to do right now

Or has anyone any idea how to make it at home?

i will be disappointed to if i don’t get them. I asked on a email and they told me holes should be there, and also kit to fix it

well, draft drawing is available at