Another Update and more Bugs with it!

So i was waiting for 3.6.1 because turris was nearly unusable for me in the 3.6 state… and this seems to keep going on

i dont count the resets anymore i had with Turris in one Week
but you guys should definetly work on a reliable device in a default config state immediatly!

FYI: those ucollect packages are not part of the default install on my system. Did you enable ucollect?

Looks like you need to install some packages to get things back on track. Get a shell on the router and try these commands:
opkg update
opkg install ucollect-lib ucollect-prog

Or, you can install these packages through LuCI

However, before attempting to install packages through LuCI, you need to make a small change to /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/luci and then restart lighttpd. Edit /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/luci and replace “setenv.set-environment” with “setenv.add-environment”. Save the file, and then restart lighttpd. There are known bugs in opkg (and patches have been provided upstream), and this is a workaround since LuCI executes opkg to install packages. (See also

I see these errors every time I disable data collection in Foris and reboot. I wouldn’t think installing something manually is the right way to fix it.