Annoying Update Failure Message - wshaper

In the last 3 days, I’ve received 17 notifications from my Omnia - all identical!:

Error notifications
Updater failed:

inconsistent: Requested package wshaper that is not available.

I’m not sure exactly what wshaper does, but the package not being available doesn’t seem to affect the way I use my router (home user, low traffic, no shaping needed!).

It’s also been a LONG time since I delved into the internals, so I’d like help to either:

  • Turn OFF this notification OR
  • Stop my router from even TRYING to get/update this package!

Hopefully, it’s easy - but I await advice from the group.

It didn’t start with you with an automatic upgrade to TOS 5? What version do you have now?

Here’s what I’ve got:

|Model|Turris Omnia|
|Architecture|ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)|
|Firmware Version|TurrisOS 5.3.3 f14bc5cf5635edbb3ab2e29c14a260e2640e588f / LuCI branch git-21.327.65580-ab3595b|
|Kernel Version|4.14.254|
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Great! Wondershaper (which was not miraculous) is the relic of older versions of TOS.

Try to remove this package via command line. Possible example under the link below.

Package wshaper (also known as wondershaper) was dropped in OpenWrt repositories:

It was superseded by qos-scripts and sqm-scripts.

Feel, free to remove the missing package by looking at our documentation:

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This seemed to do the trick. I removed the Install line for wshaper from the indicated file. Did a manual update from the Foris interface, and ---- no error notification!