Android app: "Connecting" without progress

I try to connect the Android app to my omnia. QR Code scanning works, but then the App just says “Connecting” and nothing more happens for around half an hour. I quit the App and restarted it, which just causes the Connection attempt to resume.
The android phone is able to open the web frontends of the router directly in the browser, so it shouldn’t be a network issue. What can i do to make the android app work?

This is happening when you have “access tokens” uninstalled or you just installed it freshly and new dh2048 file is generated for you (it take about 15-25 mins) as post-installation step.

So just check if you have that package installed (“api-tokens”) it should be listed in “/etc/config/updater” (or via FORIS in updater section).

@Maxmilian_Picmaus i installed the access tokens package last night (around 13 hours ago) and created the access token the next morning (today). Where on the file system is the dh2048 file stored, so that i can verify it is created? Maybe i have to re-build the CA for testing purposes.

@RadoslavCap according to the software list in luci, both packages are installed.

It is writen on screen, when you start Turris app for the first time. But you mean make point in Forris of course. Note should solve a problem.

/etc/dhparam folder contains dh files.

The DH params are there - connection fails anyway

No one has an idea why the connection fails? I am out of ideas.