"Ancient" wifi appears

I recently reactivated my Turris Omnia router and had to upgrade to the latest version. That included upgrading Uboot, Bricking the Turris, repairing the Uboot, installing Recovery and finally installing the current version of the software.
So now the router is on Turris 7.0.

I reconfigured everything from scratch and everything is working fine… except… that in my WiFi list, some ancient wifi SSIDs appear, which I used before reinstalling everything.

I checked
, but nothing is indicating those SSIDS.

Where could be the SSIDs defined so that the Turris is using it? Do I need to expect to have other legacy config settings, which might be a security risk?

Btw, connecting to the SSIDs fails, but its not surprising me, because no interface is configured for them.

Thanks for support!