Alternative NAS solution for Omnia, 1 2.5" drive ( Fanless )

Hi guys.

I have developed a alternative NAS solution for Omnia ( 2GB version ). Where you install a 2.5" drive right inside the original box. I have tested it a bit and it works well for me so far. I am not sure if we will get any problems with heat. But if we do there are several ways we would work around it.

Right now it contains of the tray, and a converter card that transforms the port from mSATA to SATA. The things we need to do now is to order a good cable for the drive and possibly update the converter card so that it fits better.

I am posting this topic here to see how many people would be interested in such an upgrade. I think that the complete kit price ( without the HDD :stuck_out_tongue: ) would be about 20€. And we can prob send it out with regular mail.


I do not see details but this is very nice idea transformed in something working.

Wouldn’t an SSD be better from a heat perspective?

Yes it would, ofcase and as SSD:s get cheeper and more robust you can upgrade. But for now there is not reasonable SSD solution

SSD? Sure NOT! HDD is more cheaper, with higher capacity, and you can use the built in HDD spin off function.

I would certainly be interested!

this upgrade is really cool, I’m interested

what does it mean “interested”???
you see everything you need.
just put the hdd into the case and connect. Is it too difficult for you?

i just made 4 holes into top cover and used 4 screws for hdd fix and connect via USB3 cable to rear port because i have no free mpcie port.
there is a lot of space for 15 mm hdds too. I used 100x70x1 mm thermal pad

Please read the first message, he did use mSata to Sata connector and NOT USB3.

it is absolutely irrelevant what kind of connection you will use.
usb3 or msata to sata or msata to 2x sata…

this is the cheaper and most reliable solution as standard NAS box.
When you buy 4TB 2,5" hdd, just put in and there is no limitation
concerning connection interface.
One disk with higher capacity is enough for most users.
And one port msata to sata interface card on ebay for 5 USD??? GREAT!

I have about 60 of these trays here. So anybody that wants one PM me, I guesss when I will have time I will put the up for sales in my local store.