Alpine in LXC container can't access internet

I created an Alpine (3.7) instance in a LXC container and started it. Unfortunately, it isn’t able to reach the internet (by name or IP):

root@alpine_37:~# wget -O /dev/null
Connecting to (
wget: can't connect to remote host ( Network unreachable

Earlier, I created an Ubuntu (Bionic) instance in a LXC container. It has no issues reaching the internet:

root@ubuntu_bionic:/etc# wget -O /dev/null
--2018-09-04 18:14:20--
Resolving (, 2607:f0d0:3001:78::2
Connecting to (||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 1073741824 (1.0G) [application/zip]
Saving to: '/dev/null'

/dev/null                               100%[=============================================================================>]   1.00G  50.8MB/s    in 29s     

2018-09-04 18:14:49 (35.3 MB/s) - '/dev/null' saved [1073741824/1073741824]

** edit **

root@turris:/mnt/raid/lxc# cat alpine_37/config 
# Template used to create this container: /usr/share/lxc/templates/lxc-download
# Parameters passed to the template: --server --dist Alpine --release 3.7 --arch armv7l
# For additional config options, please look at lxc.container.conf(5)
# Debian workaround
# Template to generate fixed MAC address

# Distribution configuration
lxc.arch = armv7l

# Container specific configuration
lxc.tty = 4
lxc.pts = 1024
lxc.rootfs = /mnt/raid/lxc/alpine_37/rootfs
lxc.utsname = alpine_37

# Network configuration = veth = br-lan = up = eth0 = /usr/share/lxc/hooks/tx-off = 42:2b:17:aa:14:accept:ac

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** edit **

Found this: How to have Alpine Linux in LXC container working and running. I guess I need to determine what x.x.x.x, y.y.y.y, and z.z.z.z are in the instructions.

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What am I missing on the Alpine instance?