All clients loose connectivity, but router stays online

After a few days uptime all clients (wifi & lan) lose internet access, but the router itself stays online. I can ping, wget, etc from the turris shell, but clients fail to get a single package out. What bug could that be? It’s such a frustrating device. Running version 3.6.2.

You mean all clients or wireless clients? I have problems with disconnect of wireless clients on 5GHz.

All clients, the Wifi / missed ACKs thing is a separate issue. I already gave up on using the Wifi even with different cards. I doubt there will ever be a fix and Turris support doesn’t care nor reply. But I was hoping I could at least use it as a router with separate AP. But it’s still so unstable it makes no sense. It hardly can do more than 2 weeks of uptime without hang-up in one way or the other (basic config, no containers or additional services).

I haven’t found something obvious in the logs, but I’m also not sure what to look for. I tried to restart some services such as dnsmasq, but no change. After a reboot it’s ok again.