After update to TOS 5 – WOL in Luci doesn't work

After upgrade to TOS 5.1.9 wake on LAN service disappeared from Luci. I was able to to install luci-app-wol package – WOL in Luci is back, but sending magic packet to hosts doesn’t wake them.

In previous 3.x version there was a drop down menu to choose which service to use – etherwake or wol, now this option is missing.

There are etherwake, luci-app-wol, luci-i18n-wol-cs and luci-i18n-wol-en installed in my Omnia.
I am not familiar with Linux system, so I am asking you for help how to bring this service on my Omnia back to life.
Thanks a lot!

for WOL in Turris 5.x i’ve noticed that some of my hosts appear twice in the WOL pull down. If you see this too, try both of the host choices. Also choose the br-lan interface.

Choosing br-lan interface helped.
Problem solved, thank you.

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