Advice on what to get

I’m looking for a firewall solution for home use for my family. I’m looking for a good firewall thats easy to manage.
We currently are using the TP-Link Deco’s as mesh wi-fi throughout the house and I have some management profiles on there with time limits and web-filters for the kids.
If I get one of the Turris devices, I will need to switch the Decos from bridge to AP, which means (I think) that I lose this management functionality, so I would have to do it somewhere else instead.
So my questions are;

  1. Which Turris device to get? Initially I was thinking gateway but now I’m leaning more towards the Mox as I could leave out the wifi functionality.
  2. Is it possible to configure profiles or something similar on the Turris that would let me filter web content/categories for the kids and also disable their internet access at set times?
  3. I’d like to also connect hard drives and/or a synology
  4. If a Mox would be the best solution, what modules would you recommend?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Certainly not by standard Turris tools, but maybe you could install something that could do it (e.g. in a container on a Turris). I personally consider such measures too extreme and in principle rather complicated and problematic.

Ok, thanks for letting me know but if I wanted to go that route, what hardware should I get in order to do it?

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