Advanced network monitoring including parental control and IOT II


As my previous question was closed without any update I am asking again:

  1. what is current status? In April 2017 was promised it is moving ahead, then on September 2017 was promised there will be some beta version around new year, now we have September 2018 and no info, only broken useless Pakon and Turris team is playing with new toy Mox

  2. is there any documetation how it will looks like, what it will do etc?


Can someone from Turris team answer please?


Can someone from Turris team answer please?


Hi Michal, the current status of Pakon is: moderate development and bugfixes. We are now fully focused on LEDE/Turris OS4 transition. Security is for us a primary issue and there is no way, how to keep Turris OS secure on old LEDE. Pakon relies on LEDE core and development will continue with new functions after TOS4 release. That is even a reason, why we have no public roadmap at the moment.


A bit disappointing but thanks for reply.


Btw. from campaign description I supposed Omnia would do something like this -