Adding user created folders to automated snapshots

Hi, I’m a new user to TurrisOS. Despite having had some initial configuration issues, I’m still happy overall :blush:

I’ve done some customizations on my Turris Omnia via ssh and wanted to include them in the snapshots so I can backup them as well, but I’ve been unable to find a way.

How do you set which directories are included in the snapshots?

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks!!!

What kind of snapshots are you talking about? Btrfs snapshots (or those created via schnapps) simply contain all files.

If you’re talking about the backups configured by /etc/config/backup, then just add custom directories as another ‘list dirs’ line of this config file.


I mean the snapshots created automatically via schnapps, the ones I can manage easily with reForis.

I didn’t know that config file and didn’t find anything in the schnapps documentation either, so I gave it a try. Unfortunately with no success.

I’m just trying to include a directory I made on a usb drive, formatted as btrfs by reForis and mounted on “/srv”. Maybe I must do something with the directory itself first? (I have no previous experience with btrfs snapshots either, sorry).

Snapshots are within the same filesystem, so in this case just within the “system disk”.

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Ow, I think I get it already…

As said, didn’t have previous experience with btrfs snapshots, so I’m still struggling a bit to understand the differences with a tradicional copy-paste-compression backup system.

I understand then the issue is just that btrfs snapshots don’t work crossing storage devices, so I can get a snapshot of the whole internal storage and another snapshot of the whole usb storage device, but not cross both into a single one because btrfs doesn’t handle it.

In fact, I found it at the bottom of schnapps documentation page, but didn’t quite understand it at first.

Thank you very much for the quick and patient help!!! :blush:

If you want to make snapshots of /srv use schnapps -d command

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