Adding additional repos

Is it possible to add additional repos to OPKG? I want to install boxbackup but it’s not in the Turris Omnia repos, but it is in OpenWRT’s repo.

As long as OpenWRT supports it, Turris OS supports it.

What you can do is search for the *.ipk file of the OpenWRT repo of boxbackup.

step 1: Download it to your Omnia
wget <url.ipk>

Step 2: Install the *.ipk file
opkg install <name>.ipk

Step 3: Smile and enjoy it.

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Awesome, many thanks!

Let me know if something did not work.

do you know what architecture the Omnia is?

It is a ARM architecture.

thanks. So ar7 or ar71xx should work?

ar7 and ar71xx are both MIPS, which isn’t compatible.

You’re looking for mvebu

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Many thanks. OK it looks like the packages I want aren’t available. I assume that basically everything from the OpenWRT repo is available already in the Omnia repo.

I also want to implement something like fail2ban but the only package in there is something called znc_fail2ban which I assume isn’t quite what I’m looking for.

yeah, znc-mod-fail2ban is for the irc bouncer znc. I don’t see fail2ban or denyhosts or anything else. So someone would need to create a package for that.