Adding a route with target 'default' in LuCI or UCI config

I’m trying to add in LuCI or directly in network UCI config file an equivalent of this command:

ip route add default via table 1000

Which adds a new rule, with target ‘default’ and table ‘1000’

After a successful execution of the above,
command 'ip route list table 1000' will return:

default via dev eth1

So the above is my aim, I want to get the same result, same route permanently added, but this time with use of a native method. So I tried to add it to network config.
But when I add ‘default’ as target of the route in /etc/config/network like this…:

config route
option target ‘default’
option interface ‘wan’
option gateway ‘’
option table ‘1000’

… unfortunately that section of my config is being rejected. Also direct adding a ‘default’ in LuCI interface is not possible, because the field ‘Target’ accepts an IP, not a string (which is true according to [OpenWrt Wiki] docs:guide-user:network:routes_configuration). So how come I can set a ‘default’ from commandline with command ‘ip’, but can’t set the same value with UCI interface or LuCI?

Theoretically i can run my working command on each system restart, but its not what Im looking for.

Please, is there any way to add this?