Adblock package release for turris omnia


Thanks for the note, works fine now.
Noteworthy how quickly you handle such things, really great work.
Keep it up :+1:

Best regards


ok, since my TO is running steady as a rock, i took the ( for a nOOb ) brave decision to install this. And it works!
One question…’'For SSL protected blocklist sources you need a suitable SSL library, e.g. ‘libustream-ssl’ or ‘built-in’. " i assume i have this running?


Yes, Turris Omnia ships by default with the full wget package version (incl. SSL support).

adblock - 3.5.5-2
luci-app-adblock - git-18.303.69133-1c076cd-1

Adblock enabled and apparently running, but status gives error:

# /etc/init.d/adblock enabled; echo $?

# grep adblock- /var/log/messages     
2018-11-02 10:35:44 info adblock-3.5.5-2[3287]: adblock instance started ::: action: reload, priority: 0, pid: 3287
2018-11-02 10:35:50 info adblock-3.5.5-2[3287]: blocklist with overall 31220 domains loaded successfully (Turris Omnia, OpenWrt omnia 15.05/3.10.8)

# nslookup localhost
Address 1: localhost

# /etc/init.d/adblock status
::: adblock runtime information
/etc/rc.common: line 143: json_load_file: not found
WARNING: Variable 'data' does not exist or is not an array/object

How to fix?


You can’t - root cause is the ancient codebase of TurrisOS 3.x (it’s still based on Chaos Calmer). Please stay with adblock 3.4.x until Turris have released TurrisOS 4.x (same applies to the LuCI frontend!).


I was under the impression 3.5.1 was the last release which still works on TOS 3.x. Is that correct?
Can you edit the first post to warn people to not run the latest versions?


@justsomeguy good idea, I’ve updated the first post accordingly - thanks!


Just a short notice/outlook regarding adblock 3.6.x (unfortunately only compatble with Turris 4.x, due to major LuCI changes).

Adblock 3.6 includes a new “DNS Query Report”, one of the most pihole like feature requests …:wink:

In LuCI it looks like this:

You’ll get a new “Top10” reporting and the last 50 requested domains. Whithin the domain list you can directly blacklist or whitelist these domains.

This report is also available via console (currently only the Top10 reporting part!).

To make use of this new feature, please install package “tcpdump-mini” and start with a fresh adblock config (use the “–force-maintainer” option during opkg install). By default tcpdump will be started as a background task and write the pcap files to “/tmp” (in a loop max. 5 files in chunks of 1 MByte) … of course, you could configure that to your needs.

Hopefully available soon on Turris devices, too! :wink:


Like your other good app travelmate.

Seems it will be a while yet.