Accessing Modem for stats

I am new to the Turris Omnia so please be gentle with me :slight_smile:

My setup is a Draytek Vigor 130 modem connected to the WAN port of my Turris.
WAN setting is configured as PPPoE. I can connect to the internet fine so no problem there.
However with my previous setup which used an Asus router I was able to configure a static IP address for the WAN port which would allow me to both access the internet but also access the Draytek modem so that I could see the stats etc.
The modem is configured with an IP of and previously I configured the router wan port with

Please can anyone help me get this functionality under my current setup?

Many thanks in advance.

Try the following:
0) go to the luci interface

  1. go to the network interfaces menu
  2. press the “Add new interface…” button
  3. give this a name, like WAN4MODEM
  4. select “static address”,
  5. select the eth1 interface (the same as for wan and wan6)
  6. press the “submit” button
  7. in Common configuration go to the “General Setup” tab
  8. enter in the IPv4 address field
  9. enter in the IPv4 netmask field
  10. go to “firewall Settings” tab
  11. select the wan radio button in the “Create / Assign firewall-zone” field

hit save and apply.

with a bit of luck that is all that is needed… (at least this is what worked on stock openwrt and works on lede, I have not yet put my omnia into duty as primary router)

Best Regards

Excellent, Thank you very much.
I did find your instructions from a previous post but I made the mistake of also adding a gateway IP which broke things.
Following your instructions above exactly works perfectly.
Many Thanks