Access Turris Omnia whose DHCP server is turned off

My home network has the incoming connection via a Mikrotik Router/Switch. That is the same device that provides DHCP addresses - v4 and v6.

The Turris Omnia I have is connected to one of the ports of the Mikrotik and I have some part of the home served by the Turris. The Turris has it’s own DHCP server and serves out 192.168.1.x addresses. The Mikrotik, has other connections through which it serves out 192.168.88.x addresses. What do I need to do on the Turris to route 192.168.88.x into the 192.168.1.x range and vice versa?

Alternatively, if I turned off the DHCP server in the Turris, I could get all of the devices connecting to the Turris get the IP# from the Mikrotik (192.68.88.x range). In which case, how would I access the Turris for management purposes? Would the Turris get an IP# on it’s WAN port that I can then access the device?