5GHz WiFi still conncted but no data flow after random time on Omnia and TurrisOS 5.1.10

Devices connected to 5GHz WiFi after random time get into state, where both router and device thinks that device is connected, but data cannot be transferred. It is not only after device is sleeping and not transferring data, but even during device usage (e.g. I’m working on my laptop and suddenly data flow is interrupted, I’m getting ping loss to internet and Omnia). Disconnection and re-connection to WiFi solves problem until next occurrence and it happens randomly from several times a day to several times an hour.

It started few months ago, but it was rare and only Apple devices seemed vulnerable, but now any type of device is affected (iPhone, iPad, Android phones, laptops) and it happens much more often. When such connection problem occurs, Network Manager on my laptop prepeatedly logs: “connectivity: (wlan0) timed out”. When I tried to ping device’s IP address from Omnia, at several cases data flow was resumed after several seconds, but mostly I have to disconnect and reconnect again. It does not seems to be strongly related to device position/distance from router and signal strength at device’s location, as it happens anywhere, but it seems to be more often on locations with lower signal (I’m getting e.g. 80Mbit there compared to 200Mbit at location closer to Omnia).

I reflashed my Omnia on 12th of July, 2020 last time (manually upgrading from TOS 3.something to 5.0.something as automatic upgrade did not work for some time back then). I was testing if I can get the same bavior on 2.4 GHz, but was not able to reproduce it on 2.4 GHz. 2.4 GHz is not very usable here (too much interference - 3 or more 40 HMz wide networks on each channel). In contrast, 5MHz not very used, I’m on channel where my network is the only one and even nearby channels are not used.

It seems to be similar to Wifi problems – where to start troubleshooting? but that thread is quite old.

I do not know what to try to solve this situation, any advice please?


I’m a new user of this device and am having the same problem. It’s so random that I can’t seem to do anything to reproduce. Have similar time out messages in logs. Frustrating since my wife is complaining about it too lol. Wired clients work great. I hope to see some more reports of this to hopefully get some attention on it.

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I’ve always had this problem (the very first crowdfunded Omnia), it happens especially when e.g. streaming videos (constant data stream) on a laptop/tablet in a place where signal is not that great (but not completely terrible either).

Thought this was a problem with my tablet, but am now experiencing it with my MacBook. Maybe replacing the 5g wifi card can fix this, doubt this will ever get fixed by anyone from cznic, after some googling, I’ve found out this has first been reported in 2018 (or even earlier) and always ignored (like many issues & bugs Omnia has/had).

You may try toggling disassoc_low_ack, but that is not the problem in my case.

No log entriea anywhere, nothing, everything seems to be OK, except no packet can’t pass through until wifi is disconnected+reconnected.

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If there are not sufficient technical details, it is always hard to know what is going on. It is always good to know which router do you have, which Turris OS version do you have installed, and most important, which Wi-Fi drivers are you using if default ones or you try a different one, which you can install in the Updater tab and if it happens on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. And most important on which devices it happens. I know that you described some of them, but having details can help us reproduce it, fix it, so you would be satisfied.

In any case, this forum is meant to be community driven. We have no dedicated people who would be helping here. This place results in that users are helping and discussing with each other issues or unsupported scenarios they would like and so on.

If you would like to get help, there are two options - create an issue on our GitLab according to this documention, and if you are not familiar with creating issues or you don’t know how to create an issue, you need to reach our technical support by email. More details about it are here.

Can you try to install form reforis the candelatech alternative drivers? can improve the perfomance.

This also happened to me just now during a very important meeting. It is imperative, to at least update the firmware, so that the router is quickly able to restart/reboot when such disconnection issues occur (if they occur at all), so I can be back online quickly, without the need for a lengthy manual intervention that I cannot afford!!

Please make sure that the router reconnects by itself when it looses connection.

For the firmware/update developers: this might help in figuring it out…

Thanks for all your efforts in this regard,