5GHz WiFi boots up disabled upon system reboot - help please!


for about a year or longer, every single time I reboot the router (or the router reboots itself, the 5GHz WiFi boots up disabled!

It is showing as enabled, however the signal strength shows 0%, so I have to click on the disable and then on the enable buttons to restart the WiFi.

The 2.4GHz WiFi reboots / boots up successfully each time after restart.

I attached two screen shots. One is of my system and the other is of my two WiFi networks - both in functional state, the 5GHz restarted by pressing the disable button and immediately the enable button as described above.

Please, advise!

The answer is DFS testing (meteo radar). It takes a long time.

Is this something new? It never used to take this long when I purchased the router. It only started doing so half way between now and when I purchased it. How long is it supposed to be like this? 0% strength. As far as I can tell - each time it reboots, it never comes on until I enable it.

“disable” button is one-time action, you have to go inside each “radio” setup and hit “enable” there and use “save & apply” individually … otherwise next boot it is again disabled :slight_smile:

if you did that/have that fine/correct …some of my notes …

save the /etc/config/wireless to extra file/backup it , go to Foris, disable wifi +save&apply, enable wifi (setup the wifi there) +safe&apply …go to Luci , check & change stuff you need/want +save&apply (and try to not use foris for wlan setup again). Somehow sometimes (wifi, dhcp/dns/resolving) using foris and luci together for same setup cause that it is not working as used to.

during boot there is S10boot and S20network rc scripts and in S20network there is validation of /etc/config/wireless if you do not pass validation, wifi is not enabled even if you have it as “enabled”

Using disable/enable buttons in Luci, just call linux comand (wifi) to bring it up. So it does not validate the config, just use generated one which might be totally fine :slight_smile:

I have small script to check ifaces https://pastebin.com/gFDg9JLL you can use it and bring the down ones up…

Dump the bootup messages from dmesg
i have this in /etc/rc.local echo "====[dmesg]====" > /srv/logs/boot.log && dmesg >> /srv/logs/boot.log

to some extra file so you can inspect the log before syslog-ng hits in and start redirecting the buffer to each log file (iptables, messages, openvpn …etc), there you can see how the radio0/1 are detected, how the firmware load went, if you have detected correct country (in my case it tries three times to load firmware, later fallback option is used, first US country is detected , later CZ and US again and CZ at the end for each radio).

in Foris there is no input field for country-code, it tries to detect it automatically , in Luci you can set that value in “advanced options”.

in luci there is save&apply in shell there is “uci” so if you edit any config directly, use “uci commit” for that config (otherwise you might loose the edited stuff).