5GHz only does auto

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed that my Omnia seems to only do 5GHz channel auto-selection, after having tried manually setting several channel values in LuCI. When I change the channel, it seems to take a while (probably scanning the frequencies) and then it picks something, usually different from what I requested.

The problem is that I’m trying to avoid overlapping with the neighbours’ network, and auto-selection isn’t doing a very good job of that.

Is there any way I can actually choose a channel manually, or at least nudge the auto selection towards one particular end of the spectrum?


Specific to the german situation but the basic principle is the same. Channels numbers may be different though.

Longer version for most (all?) parts of the world and most channels:

  1. The card takes the channel you give it.
  2. It listens 60 seconds if there is any radar.
  3. if there is nothing then go on at step 5.
  4. switch channel and continue at step 2.
  5. it begins transmitting on the channel and the wifi works. It is still permanently monitoring for any radar contact. If it finds one it disables its transmitters and switches channels and continues as step 2.

Additionaly there are some alignment rules that are implemented in all ac hardware. These select channels according to the wifis around you.

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