500 - Internal Server Error on /wireless/radio0.network1

Soon means? Also getting 500 error :frowning:

Stupid question - if this is updated in the firmware, will the firmware auto update, or do we have to use a TTL dongle to do it?

“Stupid is as stupid does.” If you do not know it, please stop insulting. Thank you. Just wanted to know if anyone knows the estimated time horizon.

I wasn’t insulting, just asking a question that I assume that might be a stupid question to ask. But anyway, will the firmware be updated via the automatic update or will need to push it through the TTL adapter, since I don’t see a “update firmware” section anywhere.

I would expect it to be an automatic update.

For me the error 500 disappears, when I set the channel of radio0 to a fixed one, e.g. 36. When I set it to “auto”, the error 500 appears.
Radio0 is a R11e-5HnD
02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA986x/988x 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter

I am also getting the “500 - Internal Server Error” on either or both wireless pages on occasion.

have given the error from time to time. I haven’t been able to determine the reason for occurrence.

I am also getting the “500 - Internal Server Error” just for the 5 GHz radio, I have not had any issue with the 2.4 GHz radio page. Has anyone been able to access these pages after rebooting the router?

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Nope. I can’t access it on any of them. We just have to wait for the update to be pushed to us, since there’s a fix in code.

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For the 5 GHz (radio0) one…

  • iw reg set (countrycode) (SSH) - try to not use US for now…
  • /etc/config/wireless (set country code) (SSH)
  • delete network you have created. (LuCi)
  • Create new network (5 GHz) (LuCi)
  • set it on channel 36 (NOT HIGHER…for the time being) (LuCi)
  • Click on apply and save settings (LuCi)
  • Click now back on settings to see if this now works. (LuCi)