5 GHZ network gone

I’ve had my Turris Omnia since the kickstarter campaign and I couldn’t be happier. It’s fast, snappy, and I’ve never had any major problems… Until now.

One day I noticed that only my 2.4 ghz wifi network is available. The 5ghz is simply gone. I’ve tried everything I can think of:

  1. Power cycle
  2. Turn that Wi-fi module on and off in LuCI
  3. Change settings related to WiFi
  4. Ensure that the connection to antenna is good

which admittedly is not much and I’m not sure where else to turn.

Let’s assume I barely know what I’m doing - what should I try? Where should I look? Is there any info I can post in here (and where do I find it) that can help you? Is it possible the card is dead? How can I get another one to repair it if so?

I would start by reading our article for Getting help in our documentation. Support will gather as many details as possible and will try to help you with your issue.

I reached out to support last month - I’m still waiting to hear back from them after sending the log…

Do you have a ticket number, please? I will see if there is anything that I can do for you.

No, they didn’t give me one in the email. Should I forward it to you? I’ll try to DM you

Probably it won’t fix it, but try it anyway: set the channel manually. If left on auto, you might end up with one that doesn’t play along with some of your equipment (for example, now my auto-selected channel’s 149, AC mode, 80MHz width; my HP Z-Book connects just fine, my mobile phone doesn’t - if I change it to 120, both work, but I get lower data rates).
That said, wifi’s been flaky for me as of late - might be something else entirely.