3TB + 6TB HDDs NAS setup

Hello everyone,
I have recently purchased NAS Box for my TO. So far, I was using 3TB WD green HDD (NTFS formatted) connected via USB.

Now I am thinking what would be the best way to develop the NAS. I came up with an idea to get 6TB HDD, split it to several partitions, where one 3TB (or smaller) partition would be backed up/mirrored with the first HDD for important data and remaining space on the 6TB HDD would be used as a storage for data that can be missed.

I suppose the steps would be:

  1. Connect 6TB HDD
  2. Prepare the partitions accordingly
  3. Migrate the data from 3TB HDD to the appropriate partitions on 6TB HDD
  4. Format the 3TB HDD to more suitable file system than NTFS
  5. Set up the data mirroring

My questions are:

  • Is this a good idea? Has anyone better proposal? The main motivation behind is to utilise the 3TB HDD and avoid the need to buy two 6TB disks with 3TB leftover aside.
  • If this is the way, could anyone guide me on how to get this work?

I will be glad for any ideas, opinions.

Thanks a lot,

Well, theoretically it should be possible to set up a 3TB RAID1 and an additional 3TB of un-raided partition(s).

BTW, personally Iā€™d avoid NTFS if the purpose is NAS via Omnia.

Thanks vcunat.

Tha NTFS is current file system on the 3TB HDD from historical reasons. I will format it with different file system once I will have the new HDD with all the data migrated.

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