3 kind of router

heise Interview

in this interview it say, at the end, about a new router and a upgrade would be possible.
on the Homepage i did not found more Information about this 3 Kind of router.
any more Information?

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First off, for all non-German speakers: Ondrej Filip (CZ.NIC) responded to some questions by heise.de regarding the delivery delay. Not too much new there, they plan to start assembling in June and mention that their contractor can assemble ~500/week so delivery will be rather in July, at least for some.

The interesting part rather is at the end where Ondrej mentions that they are working on a new (third) version of Turris which is supposed to have a double-PCI-SATA card and is going to be larger. And he also says that existing orders can be converted.

To me that sounds like they are going to just add another PCIe card (instead of one WiFi card?) which will have the much-demanded SATA ports. While the board can stay the same they will probably manufacture another (third) case which will have space for disks (therefore larger).

Hi, I’d like to get more info (and suppose others will do as well :wink: - what about link to this speech? And more and better - what about comment of the team?!? It seems as no small point ;-))

link is in the first line of vinc’s post

scratch that… didn’t read the post to the end… :slightly_smiling:

sorry I overlooked it :frowning:

there is still no Feedback about the 3 different router and how to upgrade!?
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same here, i’d like some more info regarding the hacker version and their pros and cons.

after a couple of months - still no Information!