3.8 in RC: Update approvals, Nextcloud and lots more

Dear Turristers,

we just released 3.8 into RC branch and it has lots of new features!
Will you try them out this weekend? If you do, please tell us how it went.

Changes include:

• Foris: options to set bandwidth limits for the guest network
• Foris: option to propagate client names into local DNS
• Foris and updater: Delayed updates (Have a look at Delayed updates in our documentation)
• Foris: Russian, Danish and Lithuanian translations
• userlists: trimmed down dependencies
• suricata: new version, more modular configuration, helper packages
• php7: newly supported
• MariaDB: new package
• Nextcloud: basic support without much integration (We created a manual on how to use and install Nextcloud – you can find it in our documentation)
• Hardware feed: few hardware related packages
• Btrfs support for Turris 1.x (Have a look at the at the manual here )

Have fun and many thanks for your time and effort!



And what about TurrisOS 3.8 RC for old Turris1.x?

Next year? :grinning:

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will follow shortly (Friday maybe).


How fast there will be updates to the package when there are severe bugs or security issues in the Nextcloud software?

I have updated to version 3.8 RC. I have noticed the following problems:

  • The clients are no longer getting an ipv6 address via DHCP
  • the forwarding in DNS does not work

What about the ath10k driver?
When will the version 10.4 be changed, so that the new Wifi modules like WLE650V5-18 work?

DNS forwarding: kresd newly validates DNSSEC by default even when forwarding, which might e.g. be a problem if the server you forward to doesn’t provide the necessary records. I suppose this would better be split into a separate discussion thread.

It works for me. I haven’t encountered any problems.

Why this isn’t included in changelog? Anyway I’m gonna add it on Reddit.

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Released even for old Turris and with few minor fixes for Omnia, more fixes are being worked on.


Thank for your information about TurrisOS 3.8 RC for old Turris1.x too.
And what about documentation for BTRFS on microSD card … will be?

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In the delayed updates I’m missing important feature - time windows when is possible to make an update.
In my network I’ve defined time windows for backup to NAS and NAS backup to cloud so it would be nice if router doesn’t update it’s firmware during this time…

The manual for migration to btrfs was just published. You can check it out here (Czech version only) and I will also update this post to include that info. :slight_smile:


Thanks … that’s great! :slight_smile:

as I read the latest paragraph from the btrfs migration article I think that it will be better to recommend to use Samsung Evo/Pro microSD cards and not fakes from eBay/Aliexpress to avoid issues/problems

(more details here: https://www.cnx-software.com/2017/06/13/micro-sd-cards-for-development-boards-classes-tools-benchmarks-reliability-and-tips-tricks/ )

Hi, I have read the article about BTRFS for Turris 1.x. I don’t understand to the one point (exactly):

“Budete potřebovat microSD kartu (kapacita alespoň 4 GB), Turris 1.1 a šroubovák. Pokud máte Turris 1.0 je třeba ho nejdříve přeflashovat na novější firmware s použitím microSD karty podle tohoto návodu.”

(and there is a link to migration of updater). It doesn’t make sense.

So if I want to use BRFS and have Turris 1.0 I must do what? Flash Turris OS 3.7 (or what version), update, install updater or what? The problem is that the link is for updater migration, not for system flashing. Thank you.

P.S.: Jinak rozumím česky.

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Yes, that was a wrong link and it was probably a little confusing. We edited it now - does it make more sense?

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Which db does the nextcloud use by default? I’ve been using nextcloud running in container with mariadb for a few weeks now and I discovered that mariadb uses almost 100% CPU when copying new files into Nextcloud (desktop client) and the speed of uploading new files even over ethernet was relatively low (probably due to very high CPU usage) I was about to look into any possible optimization on mariadb however summer and holidays slowed things down. So I’m interested in any possible tips if nextcloud is going to be available in the TO repo.