2x Omnias. One as router. Second as AP

I’m running two Ominas at home. R1 and R2

The R1 connected directly to ISP gigabit ethernet.
This runs 2GHz, 5GHz and ethernet LAN. OVPN server. As well as a Guest 2GHz.

The R2 is set up as AP and have it’s WAN connected to the LAN.
This runs 2GHz, 5GHz. No ethernet LAN at the moment.
Roaming between R1 and R2 wifi works perfect.

But when I try to set up the R2 with Guest Wifi and get it to roam with the R1 Guest wifi. I’m getting lost on how I should set it up.

I want to make sure the R2 2GHz and 5GHz uses the DHCP of the R1.
And that the R2 Guest wifi uses the DHCP and share it’s address space of the R1 Guest Wifi.

I’m not sure if this is possible with the Forris GUI. AFAIK guest wifi will setup some firewall rules including NAT to create separate IP network. And having two TO means the GUI will create two different separated guest IP networks. Even if the numbering is same, they’ll be separated.

Roaming in WiFi is in general problematic topic with opensource tools… Usually, “roaming” setup means roaming on link layer between different APs and staying in same IP network. With two separated guest nets we have something different. For sure NAT tables will be lost with every handover between APs.

To have roaming working with two TO you will need do routing on your WAN TO, and to provide both guest and main network to the second, “slave”, turris omnia too. So maybe VLANs, or just with multiple IP networks on the ethernet. But you will need custom setup for sure.