2 Mediatek cards on Omnia 2020


Could there be any issues if I tried to use two Mediatek AW7915-NP1 cards in the Omnia 2020?

The goal is to be able to use AX mode on both the 2.4Ghz and 5.8 Ghz network.

No, everything will work perfect (I have 2-Omnias running like this).

The only problem is to get know which of the 2 cards is connected to 2,4GHz and which to 5GHz diplexer connector in Foris or LuCI. The easiest way is to mark the MAC address of the card with note which one is connected to which frequency.
In LuCi, by default, the MAC adress is not shown. You have to start (enable) wifi network first, then the MAC address is displayed there :wink:

PS: Dont forget to reset wifi settings first.

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Thank you @michalko58

I am having some trouble with this in my case. For some reason when I install the two cards they simply refuse to work.

However I am not resetting the Wifi Settings before installing them.

You can try to install them one by one and see, if it will help…

You can reset wifi settings regardless the installation at anytime.