2.5 Gbps SFP in Omnia

Looking at the specs for the latest Omnia and noticed that the SFP slot supports up to 2.5Gbps transfer rate: is that transfer rate fully supported? Has anyone tried this router with a 2.5Gbps module?
Asking because I want to use it with an ISP that uses SFP module that supports 2.5 Gbps max.

LAN side is the problem. I believe I read the HW can pass 2G traffic. The limit is there due to the LAN switch being connected to CPU by a pair of 1G ports. I think with Turris 4.x there was an issue with DSA changes in kernel causing that only one of the pair could be used, but I assume that issue is gone now.

Well, the plan is 1.5Gbps down and 1Gbps up, but to get that speed the SFP module must sync at the non-standard 2.5Gbps, which almost no hardware supports. That is why I am trying to be very cautious before making an investment into an Omnia.

Before making an investment into an Omnia check compatibility with SFP module first.

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Some SFP gpon (ma5671a and g-010s-p) with unlocked Uboot you can set 2.5gbps speed

And MA5671A SFP is working with Omnia?

Thanks; looks like I am out of luck here: SFP ONT model number: MA5671A. And if it requires unlocking to make it work, then it is unfortunately a no-go for me.

The SFP modules that my ISP is using are already set to sync at 2.5Gbps & 1Gbps, so it is a matter of finding a router/switch that supports 1) this module and 2) this speed.

No its no working the oonly sfp that i have tested that works is a DFP-34g-2c2 with Zte Chipset